Database of arbitrators

Ms. Alison Shih-Yun Chang


Chen & Chang, Attorneys-at-Law

Gender: Female

Nationality: Taiwanese

Address: Taipei,

Country: Taiwan

Email Address:

Phone: +886-2-2718-1932


Languages: Mandarin Native, English Fluent, ,

Experience as sole arbitrator: No

Experience as co-arbitrator: Yes , 10 cases

Experience as presiding arbitrator: No

Experience as counsel in arbitration proceedings: Yes , 20 cases

Legal systems: Civil Law

Bar Admission: Taiwan (2005) , New York State (2014) , China (2016)

Fields of arbitration specialization: M & A, PE/VC, FDI, ODI, Cross-border transactions


1. Introduction to the International Center for ADR of ICC, Dissent Quarterly 78-83, April 2021 (co-author, in Chinese)
2. Introduction to the Newly Released Arbitration Rules of ICC and LCIA, CAA Newspaper, February 2021.
3. Training in Mediation Skills Examples of Training Courses in Singapore and the United States, Taiwan Bar Journal, February 2021 (in Chinese).
4. Case Management Conference and Procedural Order No.1, Dissent Quarterly 76-83, January 2021 (co-author, in Chinese).
5. Introduction to ICC s New Arbitration Rules, Dissent Quarterly 76-85, October 2020 (co-author, in Chinese).
6. How to Draft an Arbitral Agreement, 46 Dissent Quarterly 54-63, July 2020 (co-author, in Chinese).
7. Introduction to Evaluative Mediation, Facilitative Mediation and Transformative Mediation, 45 Dissent Quarterly 62-69, April 2020 (co-author, in Chinese).
8. Introduction to Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, 44 Dissent Quarterly 54-63, January 2020 (co-author, in Chinese).
9. Advocacy in International Arbitration a Summary of Prof. Anselmo Reyes Lunch Talk, 43 Dissent Quarterly 78-85, October 2019 (co-author, in Chinese).
10. Selection and Appointment of Arbitrators One of the Keys to Win in International Arbitration, 42 Dissent Quarterly 78-85, July 2019 (co-author, in Chinese).

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