Registration Form

Registration Form

The MIAC Database features a global pool of both highly experienced and new arbitrators as well as mediators, drawn from civil and common law jurisdictions around the world.

In creating an online Database, MIAC aims to create a useful resource to users, and at the same time bring to the fore the recognized talent of arbitrators and mediators from Africa, Asia, and beyond.

The Database is freely accessible to the public for assistance in identifying appropriate arbitrators for specific cases. Appointments by the MIAC appointing authority may also draw upon, but would not be limited to, the Database. While MIAC encourages qualified individuals to join the Database, inclusion in the Database does not entail an endorsement or certification by MIAC.

To join the MIAC Database of Arbitrators and Mediators, please fill the form below.

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In order to ensure a consistent presentation of information, the MIAC Secretariat may modify the presentation of the information that you submit. I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information and statements provided in this form are true and correct. I further authorize MIAC Ltd. to publish the information and contact details contained in this form on the Database of Arbitrators and to provide such data to users and potential users of MIAC’s services.